It’s Official!!

This is a declaration statement that I am now a proud supporter of the campaign “Katakan Tak Nak Pada A*F Undi”, endorsed by a few bloggers whom I recently met (cyberwise that is). I did mention about my objection regarding the voting element of A*F in my previous post here. But then I found REM’s blog and his interesting factual presentation of it. Mine is more of a personal opinion from someone who doesn’t really follow the updates of the entertainment industry. His is quite the opposite, being able to highlight in factual terms how A*F deviates from the original version of it from Spain, named as Operation Triumph, on reasons I think best described by the word ‘greed’. One journey leads to another. And another. There were Sumie’s and then Ydotcom. And others too when I’m willing to allocate the time.

I don’t hate AF. I don’t hate the students in it. In fact, I’m beginning to have a growing interest in the innocence and antiques of Mawi (i’ve never actually seen him in action yet, just from my readings of reviews). I also have no intention on criticising those who vote religiously. Their money, their business. I’m only against the method of determining the winner which is 100% by vote, which I think is nonsense. Is As*tro sincerely trying to dig up and polish fresh, talented artists or merely trying to squeeze money out of people while hiding under the veil of reality entertainment? The latter seems more likely. Otherwise, they could have devised a more constructive, effective and rational system of picking the winner.

Enuff said, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. For now, I’ll leave it at that.


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  1. Rem

    Welcome to the club! Actually there’re lots other reason why we shouldn’t AFUNDI. Penyelewangan konsep is part of it. Tak ada agihan pendapatan undi untuk ‘para pelajar’ is another thing. More info about this, go to this link:

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