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People & Perspective

Recently, I read a posting by Mak Andeh, writing about six blind men and an elephant, which I’m sure most have already known. A simple story about how people can see the exact same thing differently. I’ve heard and read this story so many times since I was a little kid, I lost count already. Yet it never fails to amaze me that during my course of life, I tend to forget this fundamental fact. That sometimes I fight to be proven right and become too egotistical to admit that the other person might be right too. Sometimes laa…, not all the time.

Same goes to what we say too. I read a comic strip once, in which I forgot the title. The comic took a scene of animals sitting in a bar. There was an elephant, a bird, a horse, a bear and a pig, all male, sitting on the bar stools (honestly, I can’t remember the actual animals). Suddenly, a monkey came in the bar and exclaimed “I just saw the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” And the comic showed how each animal defined “beautiful girl”, each imagining the female of their species. It was then that I understood why sometimes, when one of my frens would say “Wow! Cantiknya awek tu!!! I’d be looking at the same girl, wondering “Wat da heck is he thinking? Yg ni dia kata cantik?” I learnt that it’s all a matter of perception. Now I wonder what they actually think of my taste? Hmmm…

Back in those days I had this friend who has this awek and memang sudah tangkap cintan tak siuman kerbau pendek punye. Most of the time we’d meet, he will never fail to tell about one particular story with his girl that he really liked. A loving romantic moment that they share. And he would tell me the same story again and again as if I’m suffering from chronic amnesia. By the 3rd round, I can still pretend to be interested, for the sake of good friends. By the 7th, I decided to politely ask him to stop. I was happy for him. I enjoyed seeing the smile and the beaming glow on his face whenever he tells me about it. But I can’t pretend that it was interesting to me as it was to him.

Now, if I’d brought up the story to him, he’d probably terajang me since the girl he thought was the love of his life later decided to dump him for another guy without the slightest hint of remorse or regret. So much for the romantic moments huh?

But lesson learned. I too have noticed that there are things which can make me very excited and hyper while my peers would have the so-what?! look stamped on their faces. I too have told my ‘exciting experiences’ with great enthusiasm to others who turned out to be listening just out of grace and friendship.

But there are the stories and the friends of which and whom we can share the same stories again and again with the same excitement as if we’re hearing it the first time. We’d laugh at the jokes we’ve told a hundred times because we still think it’s really funny. I feel blessed to have those moments.

The interesting part of this blogging world, in the brief duration that I’ve been here is that I can read about other people, what they think, how they act, what they really feel about something. Because sometimes life sucks, and we can’t act as if everything’s ok all the time. It gives me a broader sense of understanding of life. I might not know most of the bloggers in person, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless.

I hope with time, I will learn more.

“There are times in life when we are ready to learn or accept something. Before that time, we wouldn’t see it, even if it is right in front of our eyes.”

Andrew Matthews


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