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My First Day In Blog

26 Januari 2005

he..he.. akhirnya bermula juga langkah pertama aku dalam menghasilkan blog aku, itupun atas dorongan sorang kawan lama. there’s a lot to be learnt about creating this blog, because i want it to be something tailored to my own design. the problem is… i dont know html programming!! but wutta heck, everybody’s gotta start somewhere. i’ll take my time to study the online tutorials and design my own page in due time. in the meantime, i’ll just have to be satisfied with this template.

another thing is about the concept. what shud my blog concept be? coretan harian? tempat meluahkan perasaan? (eiii…mungkin x) tempat berkongsi pendapat? i don’t know for sure yet, but i’m thinking of a little bit of all plus some more things i may not be able to figure out at the moment. rasanye lebih seronok klau kite tak set satu skema penulisan, nanti aku sendiri yg bosan. just follow the flow and see whether i can translate what’s inside my mind into writing form yg boleh difahami oleh org lain.

apa-apa hal pun aku nak sambung esok. penat ni…baru balik dari shah alam, cari bahan untuk proposal project management. penat wooo!!! keje pun byk ni. so, till my next entry.


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